Portfolio Administration and Real estate Service (PARS)


The Housing Gap in Nigeria cannot be over emphasised hence all the government projects for low income housing for has never helped to ameliorate the suffering of the people occasioned by inadequate housing to cater for the low income bracket of the populace. We therefore see a huge gap and opportunity in Investing in this area of real estate in Nigeria via PARS.

Instrument: Private Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT):

  1. The underlying investment instrument is the PREIT. This investment instrument is “risk free” as it is an asset backed note.
  2. Tenor: 24-48months: The investment tenor is approximately 24months, as the underlying investment cycle is within this duration to flipping of assets.
  3. Base Return: 10% p.a. proposed cumulative for the period of the note .The base return on this investment cycle is 10% per annum. (A combination of rental Income and intrinsic capital gain based on market index)
  4. Flipping and Trading Opportunity: Based on market intelligence, analysis as well as portfolio management and trading expertise, we execute a trading strategy, which provides a leverage increase in return. After the flipping, PARS is entitled to 20% share of the flipped profit.
  5. Market Liquidity Provision: Up to 10% of Invested Principal: Should the investor require liquidity prior to maturity of the Note which will be pro-rated based on time of Investment.
  6. Quarterly Report: Portfolio Trading Activities: PARS shall provide prompt and transparent reporting on all trading activities on the portfolio on a quarterly by our partners VENERATE CAPITAL LIMITED a SEC Licenced firm for Corporate Advisory.
  7. Minimum Investment: The minimum investment on this Note is N5 Million.

Earning Dynamics

  • Rental Income prior flipping of Assets.
  • Flipping Profit under the portfolio
  • Portfolio Swap at a margin


  • Fixed Income in Money Market
  • Treasury Bills and Bonds
  • Real Estate Market Index

Why invest in the note?

  • Steady Growth potential against all index with guaranteed annual pay-out.
  • Sustainable and simple model.
  • Access to the Underlining Asset by the Client.
  • Transparency in operation with regulated professionals in the sector
  • Huge potential from profit on flipped assets.