Venerate Capital

Venerate Capital is a wealth management, private equity, investment and business advisory company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria and is committed to be the leading source for wealth creation and business transformation in emerging economies. An emerging investment manager focused on value creation in investment advisory/management.

Every transaction provides a unique opportunity to redefine the boundaries of wealth creation by providing unconventional, integrated financial solutions that create and preserve wealth for our various clients bearing in mind their different goals, income requirements, growth challenges and overall risk tolerance.

Nothing drives us more passionately than to build a reputation with our clients and investors for delivering consistent, counter-cyclical and risk-mediating performance.

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What sets us apart

Our Services

Venerate Capital offers a broad range of products to
private clients, small businesses, corporate organizations and institutions, organizing its activities into the following business segments:

Investment and Financial Advisory

Venerate is committed to placing our clients' interests first and we are focused on building long lasting relationships based upon trust and expertise.  Venerate's high client retention rate is testament to the confidence clients have in Venerate and our commitment to excellence.

Investment Advisory Management

Investment Advisory & Management

Using a strategic method of investment management,

Venerate Capital offers integrated investment solutions and services to clients ranging from individuals, governments, institutions and corporate organizations.

Solutions are designed to conform to investors criteria, providing maximum returns, while maintaining a disciplined risk profile and adherence to compliance.

Our solutions can help you to build a balanced portfolio that can hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Money Market investments, Real Estate, Going Concern Businesses (GCB)

Some of our products are described below:

This is designed for investors who demand the highest standards of professional portfolio management with the principal objective of achieving specified long-term investment goals, whilst avoiding the day-to-day responsibility of investment decision making and administration. Under the terms of this service, Venerate will act as manager and administrator of the client’s portfolio either on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.
This service is primarily designed for clients with history of investments and requiring administration and coordination of existing portfolios. Regardless of the spread of your investments (Geographical, Managers, Investment Class) or their status (unprocessed share certificates, property documents unperfected, several CSCS Statements, etc), Venerate Capital will help you put all together professionally.
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio risk profiling
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Fee Analysis
  • Portfolio Synchronization and analysis /reporting
  • Portfolio Audit

Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Building a world class business requires more than funding. Venerate Capital brings a wealth of experience in strategic insights by providing strategy and operational improvement consulting solutions to a wide array of industries, to assist entrepreneurs and management teams to realize their businesses’ full potential.

We back management teams and entrepreneurs in businesses where there is a major opportunity to create strategic value for shareholders.

Our focus is not limited to specific industry sectors, but instead we thrive on seeking out, and investing in, companies where the opportunity to create value exists through change or “event driven situations”.

This collective term relates to four types of opportunity:

Where a business is plagued by a string of complex debt situation, gradually approaching the tipping point of bankruptcy and loses competitive relevance due to lack of scale and poor operational management.
Where a business develops a new source of competitive advantage through the rapid growth of a product, service or market.
Where a business changes its business model or organization to address shifts in its customers, markets or supply chain.
Where a major external change (e.g. regulation or privatization) provides an opportunity to seize strategic advantage within the industry’s new paradigm.

Our Clients

Our client relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. We will enrich these relationships through offering our clients high ethical professional service at all times and balanced risk management in varying market conditions.

Venerate’s clients are drawn from all works of life but come under the following broad segments:

Institutional / Corporate Clients

High Net Worth Individuals (HNI)

Middle class – young executives

Small and Medium Businesses